Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank you by Akanesi.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving us our beautiful presents and clothes too. Also thank you for providing the sausage sizzles too, it was very tasty to eat. 

We really appreciate what you have done for us.There is no words to express our gratitudes.

Thank you for all the presents you came with, I was so happy when I opened my present because it was just what I wanted.


Best wishes to you Santa.      

Love from,


Thank you by Aja

Dear Santa,

We are so happy you gave us such wonderful presents. We are very grateful and appreciate all you given us. Thank you for the sausage sizzles and the drinks, it was yummy. 
Me and my sister were so surprised to get the tent and the sleeping bag.

Thank  you for all the lovely presents you guys gave us.


BY Aja .


Thank you by Hevani.

Dear whom it may concern,

On behalf of myself and my sisters and brother I would love to say a big thank you for the gifts that you and your helpers gave to room 1,2,3,9 and room 10.

When I opened up my gift I got excited and rushed to open it. My younger sisters and brother were so happy that they received such beautiful presents. My sister got a scooter and she adores it so much.
I would love to say a big thank you for the BBQ that you guys have done for us.
For everyone who came, thank you. We appreciate everything you guys have done for us.
from Hevani


Thank You!!!! by Lydia

Monday, November 17, 2014

My favourite place at school by Levi

The sound of the musical instruments and the way the music makes the visitor of the school feel right at  home in a warm warm room drinking your HOT cocoa.

I remember hearing a beautiful maori waiata song that my best friend sang and it was so inspiring to me. The sound of the piano and the guitar  is so cool and nice.

When I heard all the children of the school singing their songs like Katy Perry ‘ROAR, Lorde Royals and Pharrell Williams HAPPY I was so (Surprised) and it made me soooo (Happy).

Choir room
The loud sound of the electric guitar and the loud drums were so cool and loud like it should be ( WOOHOO).

I like the musical room because you feel relaxed and it melts away all the bad thoughts and you learn  how to play lots of  AMAZING instruments like the piano guitar, the drums and many more.

Multiplication activities by Leo

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Persuasive writing, Akanesi

Should children have a television in their bedroom? I think that children should not have television in the their bedroom because they don’t have any adult and it will hurt their eyes when watching too much t.v. The first reason is that it is extremely dangerous for your eyesight when they watched too much t.v. The second reason is that you can get very bad stuff from it because your parents will not even know what you are watching. Another reason is that children will be cheeky and stayed up late at night just to watched a movie or a programme. So children should not have a t.v in their room until they are old and responsible enough.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Should children use mobiles? by Akanesi

Children should not use mobiles because they can lose concentration and lose control too. They are not responsible to use mobiles because if they drop it and crack it,it will waste their Mum and Dad’s money.

The first reason is that Children should not use mobiles because they can extremely make people cry and  have terrible feelings while texting unkind words to each other.

The second reason is that Children can get into fights and bad things like Punching,Smacking and Kicking by texting to each other “ Meet me at the park so we can have our fight”!

Children don’t need to use mobiles before they a mature enough to handle pressure from their friends or anyone. It is a good tool to use but it is also dangerous when you don’t know how to use it wisely.

Should children use mobiles? by Levi

Mobile phones may be cool but they can also be extremely dangerous.

The first reason why is because people can bully each other.

The second reason is that they text and talk to each other without even focusing  on what they suppose  to be doing.

Another reason is that because they are just wasting their money or their parent;s money on a phone when they could be buying something thats needed.

I think children shouldn’t own a mobile phone until they're older enough to manage own self. Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.38.59 PM.png

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My favourite person by Aja

My Mum is beautiful and funny.
She is the best.
She gives me anything I want.
She smells like roses.
She stands up like a soldier.
She kisses me on my cheek and she hugs me so tight like a teddy bear. 
My Mum likes to go shopping with me and I love her so much .
She likes to wear jeans, dresses and cool t-shirt.
She looks pretty she smiles like the sun and she is soft like a pillow 
and beautiful like the flowers and fantastic like a star.

Narrative by Edith and Jayden

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Sea poem by Soane

The Sea

Who is that boy  
At the beach
selling shells
and seaweed on the sand?
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.56.33 PM.png

It looked like a boy from sea
diving crew.
He knows really well that the seaweed
and the sea horse
and the starfish
and the squid
Belong to the sea.                                         
Let the strong
current take them back
Hush, hush, hush says the wave.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Statistics by Aletheia, Madjik, Tevita and Toma

Tonga by Akanesi

Malo lelei, ko hoku hingoa ko Akanesi pea ‘oku ou ha’u au mei Houma,Tongatapu. Pea teu talange kia koe about Tonga. The kingdom of Tonga , known as the friendly Island is distinctly different to its neighbouring island nations. It is the oldest and last remaining Polynesian monarchy and only Pacific nation never ruled by a foreign power. Jame Captain Cook was the man that named Tonga the friendly islands because when he went Tonga all the people were being nice and kind so thats why he named them the “Friendly island”. Tonga is a small island, and there are only 52 islands that has been inhabited. Monarchy the king ruled Tonga who is George Tupou the vi.

Who is the boss of the house?
In the family, the father is the head of the house. It is very important for kids to show their respect by not touching his head or stepping over his feet, wearing his clothes or eating of his plate. Dad is usually served first. But your father’s sisters can outrank your father because they are higher in rank, outrank means that you can take whatever you want even if its new you can still take it from the house, because that is the Tongan Culture.

Tongan people are proud people and always lend a hand when you ask. Families help each other. It is the only Kingdom in the South Pacific and its known as the Friendly Island. It is a small island and proud to be a Tongan.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Proud to be Tongan by Lydia

Tonga is located in the South Pacific ocean. Ruled by the monarchy King George Tupou the VI. There are 176 islands in Tonga and only 52 inhabitat islands. Tonga was named as the Friendly island from Captain James Cook for their reception.

Tongan Families
Tongan family is more than just parents  and children. A Tongan family includes everyone in the house. A Tongan family has to help each other get food. All family members have to think of their family first and themselves second. If I want new shoes, I have to wait until my family’s need are all sorted out.

Who’s the Boss?
In the Tonga the father is the head or leader of the family but women can outrank them especially father’s sister. His children are not allowed to walk over his feet, or touch his head, wear his clothes or eat his leftovers. Respect is the key.

Tongan homes
An api/house is a tongan household . Some Tongans live in modern homes but some still people still see really traditional Tongan houses. All Tongan houses have to be neat and tidy inside and outside. They don’t have much but as long as their homes are welcoming to people and able to give hospitality to others.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hevani, Edith and Timeus

Fish by Leo

      What is a Fish?

Fish are  sea creatures that live under the water. They are small and colourful and they got backbones and scales. Fish are also cold-blooded, it lay eggs under water and breath under water.  

Other animals lay eggs like frogs,and turtles but they are not fish because they got legs.                          

There are 25,000 different types of fish in the world and still new fish are still being discovered.

Not all sea sea creatures that have backbone  and scales, laid eggs, live in the water are fish and fish has no legs. Screen shot 2014-08-15 at 10.54.43 AM.png  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Surprise!!! by Lydia


We all lined up ready to go to the hall. We asked Mrs Tafea “ where are we going?”” To the hall “ she said. “What is going on Miss?” “I have no idea” she replied. Sometimes we think she knows what is going on but she never share it with us.
We went to the hall and all the junior classes were there. We waited, then someone walked in, it was Ronald Mcdonald. What happened at the Ronald Mcdonald surprise?
At the start of the Ronald Mcdonald lost his red and white stripy sock.
He wanted to go on his red car but then he changed his mind and said “you know I changed my mind today I think I’m going to walk to get some exercise”so then he walked to his school. He stopped at his spooky driveway.He said  “if you stop at a spooky driveway like this then you always have to stop look and listen because you might not know when a car is going to come out  of the spooky driveway.
It was a really nice surprise, we learnt about crossing and makes sure we put on our belt.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summary by Lydia

Title: It takes two
Author: The two Olson twins



Amanda Lemmon is a street-wise orphan who's about to be adopted by a family who uses children for their own selfish gain. Her caregiver, Diane, loves her and would like to adopt her, however, since she's single and doesn't have money, she is unable to adopt Amanda.
Alyssa Callaway is a rich girl have just got home from boarding school for the summer and she and her dad, Roger, were going to their summer home.


Alyssa stumbles upon a summer camp where she runs into Amanda, who looks EXACTLY like her. The two then switch places to get rid of Clarice and unite Roger and Diane.


Alyssa runs into Amanda


Alyssa runs into Amanda in the afternoon.


At Eastside children's center and camp.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Amazing science!!! Edith and Lydia.

Science Van
What we saw at the science van:
We saw Bubbles that were Medium, Small & Huge.Edith
We saw a spinning toy that made your head Big, Wide & Small.Lydia
What new words we found out:
We found out words like
Mixture, Reaction, Separate,Helium, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, & Gas.
Who we saw
We saw these 2 Scientists & their names were Emily & Ellen. Emily showed the whole school very cool toys before morning tea and before lunch time Ellen showed Rm 9 & Rm 10 some really Amazing Bubbles.
Different mixture makes different size of balloon.
It was amazing.
Science is fun!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014


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