Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank you by Akanesi.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving us our beautiful presents and clothes too. Also thank you for providing the sausage sizzles too, it was very tasty to eat. 

We really appreciate what you have done for us.There is no words to express our gratitudes.

Thank you for all the presents you came with, I was so happy when I opened my present because it was just what I wanted.


Best wishes to you Santa.      

Love from,


Thank you by Aja

Dear Santa,

We are so happy you gave us such wonderful presents. We are very grateful and appreciate all you given us. Thank you for the sausage sizzles and the drinks, it was yummy. 
Me and my sister were so surprised to get the tent and the sleeping bag.

Thank  you for all the lovely presents you guys gave us.


BY Aja .


Thank you by Hevani.

Dear whom it may concern,

On behalf of myself and my sisters and brother I would love to say a big thank you for the gifts that you and your helpers gave to room 1,2,3,9 and room 10.

When I opened up my gift I got excited and rushed to open it. My younger sisters and brother were so happy that they received such beautiful presents. My sister got a scooter and she adores it so much.
I would love to say a big thank you for the BBQ that you guys have done for us.
For everyone who came, thank you. We appreciate everything you guys have done for us.
from Hevani


Thank You!!!! by Lydia