Monday, November 17, 2014

My favourite place at school by Levi

The sound of the musical instruments and the way the music makes the visitor of the school feel right at  home in a warm warm room drinking your HOT cocoa.

I remember hearing a beautiful maori waiata song that my best friend sang and it was so inspiring to me. The sound of the piano and the guitar  is so cool and nice.

When I heard all the children of the school singing their songs like Katy Perry ‘ROAR, Lorde Royals and Pharrell Williams HAPPY I was so (Surprised) and it made me soooo (Happy).

Choir room
The loud sound of the electric guitar and the loud drums were so cool and loud like it should be ( WOOHOO).

I like the musical room because you feel relaxed and it melts away all the bad thoughts and you learn  how to play lots of  AMAZING instruments like the piano guitar, the drums and many more.

Multiplication activities by Leo