Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tonga by Akanesi

Malo lelei, ko hoku hingoa ko Akanesi pea ‘oku ou ha’u au mei Houma,Tongatapu. Pea teu talange kia koe about Tonga. The kingdom of Tonga , known as the friendly Island is distinctly different to its neighbouring island nations. It is the oldest and last remaining Polynesian monarchy and only Pacific nation never ruled by a foreign power. Jame Captain Cook was the man that named Tonga the friendly islands because when he went Tonga all the people were being nice and kind so thats why he named them the “Friendly island”. Tonga is a small island, and there are only 52 islands that has been inhabited. Monarchy the king ruled Tonga who is George Tupou the vi.

Who is the boss of the house?
In the family, the father is the head of the house. It is very important for kids to show their respect by not touching his head or stepping over his feet, wearing his clothes or eating of his plate. Dad is usually served first. But your father’s sisters can outrank your father because they are higher in rank, outrank means that you can take whatever you want even if its new you can still take it from the house, because that is the Tongan Culture.

Tongan people are proud people and always lend a hand when you ask. Families help each other. It is the only Kingdom in the South Pacific and its known as the Friendly Island. It is a small island and proud to be a Tongan.

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